Handy Links

The Berkeley Cluster section of the Local Plan has maps and descriptions of what development is being proposed for this area:

Berkeley Cluster section of Local Plan on stroud.gov.uk

All sections/chapters of Stroud District Council’s Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan 2021 – ie the one being submitted to the Independent Planning Inspectorate along with our responses made by 21 July 2021:

All of Local Plan on stroud.gov.uk

This YouTube video by BaSRAG demonstrates very clearly how you can respond to the Local Plan by 21st July 2021 – and their quickest method may take you only 5 minutes!  The video is very well paced – not too quick but gets on with it – and is only a few minutes:

YouTube video demonstrating doing an online response

This how-to-respond guide by BasRAG has step by step written instructions – on screen or printable – as well as their demonstration video.  You can use their prepared document to make a very quick ‘bronze’ response.  Or you can use their document and also write your own comments to make a ‘silver’ response.  Or you can respond entirely in your own words for a ‘gold’ response:

Step by step guide to making a quick or a more individual response

Our own easy browse page with a copy of BaSRAG’s prepared response – here there is no need to download the document to read it.  It makes for a very useful list of the issues you may wish to comment on:

Issues – a summary by BaSRAG