What Can I Do? – Your Next Step

If you do not support the massive scale of development and urbanisation planned for the Berkeley and Sharpness area, you really can do something that will help a lot to stop it happening.

That simple but special ‘something’ is to respond to the consultation.

It can be done quickly and simply – but if you do need help, we can help you.  You can also drop in to any of our meetings:  Meetings at Berkeley Arms + Sharpness Village Hall + on Zoom

BaSRAG have created a document with a prepared response, a demonstration video, and a step by step written guide – links are below.

The deadline is midnight on Wednesday 21st July 2021 and is set in stone as late responses will not be accepted.

This consultation stage is our last but also our best opportunity due to the Independent Inspectorate’s involvement.

The more people respond, the more powerful our objections will be.  Make sure your voice is heard!  Doing a response is the only way to have your say.

How to do your response

This YouTube video by BaSRAG demonstrates very clearly how you can respond to the Local Plan by 21st July 2021 – and their quickest method may take you only 5 minutes!  The video is very well paced – not too quick but gets on with it – and is only a few minutes:

YouTube video demonstrating doing an online response

This how-to-respond guide by BasRAG has step by step written instructions – on screen or printable – as well as their demonstration video.  You can use their prepared document to make a very quick ‘bronze’ response.  Or you can use their document and also write your own comments to make a ‘silver’ response.  Or you can respond entirely in your own words for a ‘gold’ response:

Step by step guide to making a quick or a more individual response

Our own easy browse page with a copy of BaSRAG’s prepared response – here there is no need to download the document to read it.  It makes for a very useful list of the issues you may wish to comment on:

Issues – a summary by BaSRAG